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You don’t need drug to have a fun time


You don’t need drug to have a fun time

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“man i am so tired” stays up for 3 more hours doing absolutely nothing

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My roommate’s cat is a little shit

that’s all





what did baby corn say to mummy corn???

where’s popcorn

someone unfollowed me because of this joke i guess they found it too corny


Do you ever creep on someone even though you have no reason to creep on them and it’s just become a sort of habit and you want to check up on them every once in a while







Favorite Characters - Vladimir & Sophie

god Sophia had a double chin and bingo wings and a booty like a shelf and she was still hot as fuck. and Anastasia was hot. and the empress was hot. All the ladies were pretty but totally different sizes and ages and things were wonderful.

Sophie wasn’t just on screen to be fat and funny. She was depicted as actually DESIRABLE. I was a little stick of a child when this movie came out and that definitely effected my views of beauty. As a much thicker adult it still means a lot to me now.


It made me SO happy to see a lady who wasn’t super skinny still being portrayed as being sexy and desirable…

We need more movies like this…with characters like this, who aren’t just treated like walking punchlines because of their bodies…

Also, look at how fluid and bubbly her animation is. She’s graceful and it adds to her beauty. She wasn’t drawn as bulky or clunky, that woman floats on the air and moves so elegantly!

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the “no sleveless tops” american public school dress code policy is impeding on our 2nd amendment right to bare arms

This may be the most fantastic thing i have ever read

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you know what i realized during last night’s episode? the episode with garth where he has a family, the scene with mama tran leaving with her son, this episode of jody finally having someone to take care of again… supernatural is making preparations for the end. they’re closing up shop on all the characters, tying up every loose end and giving each character’s story a meaningful place to end.i feel like we’ve reached the eleventh hour of the show as a whole


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